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A bit about Jacinda Ardern

Why I’m in politics

Politics is not an easy place to be – but I believe New Zealand has the potential to be even better than it is, and Parliament is one place where I can help make that happen

When I was pretty young I lived briefly in a small town called Murupara, a place that was forgotten during the economic reforms of the 1980s, and which lost its main source of employment when the forestry industry was privatised. I saw then the level of poverty that exists in some parts of our country; I saw the impact of a lack of work and hope, and what happens when we don’t invest in our kids.

That’s why I’m in politics.

I believe in an Auckland and a New Zealand that owns its future, and its assets, that is smart and grows the economy by investing in Research and Development, clean technology and supporting it’s small businesses. One that has a world class public transport system that we can be proud of, invests in children, and is genuinely a world leader on environmental issues.


My experience

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “what did you do before this?”

Like many Kiwis, I was getting experience overseas. I worked as an Assistant Director in the Department for Business and Enterprise in London, trying to improve the way they regulated small businesses. I also worked on a review of Policing in England and Wales.

I lived in New York, making meatballs at a soup kitchen, and before that, I was at home in New Zealand, working for Helen Clark.

For many years I was also the President of an international political organisation with consultative status with the United Nations – it took me around the world from Beirut to Geneva, but also taught me how to manage an international Board – and that home was where I wanted to be. For more details, visit my LinkedIn page


Why Mt Albert

Mt Albert is my home. The first place I ever lived in Auckland, is now part of the Mt Albert seat. It welcomed me, showed me the tight knit communities that exist here, and is a place I would feel privileged to represent in Parliament.

But like many parts of Auckland, Mt Albert would be even better with stronger policies at central government level on housing (including rental policy) and transport issues. We have low home ownership rates, congestion issues, and a need for strong integrated planning to make our suburbs even better. These are just some of the issues I am keen to talk about this election, but you’ll have ones you’re interested in too.

Please drop me a line!